innoTECH BUILDING is a multi-tenant office building, providing 100,000 square feet of leasable area. It is located in the David Johnston Research + Technology Park and is designed as a sister to the Accelerator building, providing a gateway composition to the Park.

Awarded Waterloo’s first LEED® Gold designation for New Construction, a rare achievement for a multi-tenant building, the innoTECH BUILDING exemplifies a wide range of environmentally friendly design and ‘smart-construction’ features – a testament to The Cora Group Inc.’s commitment to sustainable development and investment into the future of their community.

This building has achieved the following:

Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced building-automation for mechanical and electrical systems saves power and gas consumption
  • No CFC-based refrigerants, which affect the ozone layer
  • Maximized insulation and building products to control heat gain and loss through the building envelope.
  • Motion-activated lighting keeps the lights off unless someone is in the area.
  • Reflective roof minimizes ‘heat island effect’ – reducing cooling costs
Water and Storm Water Efficiency
  • Rainwater is harvested for restroom facilities, which use low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Adaptable and drought-resistant native species plants require little, if any, irrigation.
  • Naturalized landscape cleanses overland water-flow prior to it entering storm-retention ponds.
Site and materials efficiency
  • Construction waste was diverted from the region’s landfill sites
  • Recycled content was used in construction materials
  • Use of environmentally friendly products reduced volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Recycling and Composting is enforced and monitored
  • Only green cleaning products are used, banning toxic chemicals which pollute rivers and streams, and make it back into our food chain.
  • Onsite showers and bike racks support alternatives to driving gas powered vehicles.

Leasing Contact

Adrian Conrad
The Cora Group

Phone: 519-570-2672
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Additional Information

Robertson Simmons Architects Inc.

3 storey, 100,000 sq. ft.

LEED(r) Gold NC (New Construction)

Sublet Available


The innoTECH Building is located within the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, adjacent to the University of Waterloo, and situated within Waterloo’s emerging IdeaQuarter.

The IdeaQuarter is home to world-changing ideas, the focal point where academia, industry and people collide, collaborate and excel. A vibrant epicentre for world changing ideas, the IdeaQuarter brings together the brightest people, most innovative companies and the best resources.