5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Office Space

Choosing your company’s office space is no easy task. It’s a decision that could be years in the making. Depending on the needs of your business and your workforce, the kind of office environment you choose could make or break your success. Here are our top five tips for you to consider when searching for

your perfect office space:


Consider how space will reflect your brand and company culture

What will this office space say about you and your company to your customers, employees and the community? Your office space will be a reflection of who you are and what differentiates you from your competitors. Be sure your developer and property manager offer you full reigns to create the space of your dreams, with allowances for paint, unique lighting fixtures, and the ability to create a flexible space with moveable walls. The building itself, feature amenities and the surrounding property should reflect today’s demands. Our latest project, evolv1 features EV chargers since many who work in the building value a sustainable lifestyle.


Location, location, location

Isn’t that how the sage real estate advice goes? A primary consideration of any office space is your location. What area of the city are you considering? Is it an urban environment, with ease of access to public transportation and amenities? Our properties in the David Johnston Research and Technology Park, are accessible by public transit, bus or car. We’re close to walking trails that lead tenants and their employees through the University of Waterloo, to the heart of Uptown Waterloo via the Iron Horse Trail.

Your neighbours matter too. Who else will be co-located in the building? Will they add or detract from your credibility and your brand? What’s the reputation of the area, is it a desirable and convenient location for your employees and your customers?


Is there room to grow?

A move to a new office space signals changes to the public and the beginning of a new chapter for your business. For fast-growing organizations, having access to ample space is critical – no one wants to move again after just settling in. Will you have access to the parking you need or accessible storage options for bicycles? Your space may be an option for your current employee count, but what if you double your workforce?


Is your property manager local?

When an issue arises, how quickly will your property manager be able to respond? Are they on site at all times or are they located an hour or more away? Being able to have a face to face conversation with people you know, and trust can make all the difference. Be sure to do your research and get to know your property manager’s reputation. Are they well-liked by other tenants? How connected to the community and the location are they?


Are there common spaces or appealing areas to host events?

Depending on your business, having access to large, open, attractive spaces to host events can be an asset to your company. Whether you’re hosting a networking event to recruit new talent or an awards event to recognize the accomplishments of your employees – access to space can help share your brand and culture with events.



Shared spaces in larger multi-tenant buildings can create a better sense of community and create opportunities for business development.

So, there you have it – our advice for navigating your search. Be sure to check out our full portfolio of properties and let us know if we can help you find your perfect office space.