evolv1 leaves its mark on local industry partner, VCT Group

evolv1 opened its doors in late 2018 and began welcoming tenants and community partners into the space. After years of planning and development, the building is now operational – producing more energy than it consumes. As Canada’s first Zero Carbon Design Certified building, it stands as a replicable example of the growing clean economy and what offices of the future can look like.

We asked project partner VCT Group to reflect on their contribution and how this experience has changed their perspective on what’s possible in the construction industry, Brian Unrau shares his take with us below.

What was it like to work on evolv1 as the designer of our solar (photovoltaic) system, helping us achieve our energy needs?

The experience working as part of the team at evovl1 was fantastic. To be involved in a project of this scale from the beginning, and able to contribute our expertise to a design/build team with lofty goals and open minds is the way all solar photovoltaic projects should be undertaken.

How has working on this project changed your perspective of what’s possible in the industry?

Working on evolv1 gave us insight into how the public views visible solar power. We have always considered solar arrays beautiful, but to see the positive reactions of the public as the solar carports were constructed was wonderful.

evolv1 also taught us that solar carports have esthetic and practical benefits that we hadn’t previously considered. When designing ground-mounted systems we defaulted to specifying dual-axis trackers to maximize energy production. What we discovered was that a carport design could offer good power production but would better integrate with the vision of an architect or developer and would fit into the understood urban landscape.

How replicable do you think this project is? Could it lead to a change in how your company approaches construction projects in the future?

evolv1 is an excellent example of how a change in thinking can result in sustainable buildings without cost trade-offs. We see our experience with evolv1 as proof that sustainability can be achieved when approaching architects and engineers in the early stages of project development.

Watch an overview of VCT Group’s work to generate and monitor our energy needs at evolv1 below and learn more by visiting, vigorcleantech.com.