10 Things to Love about Working in a Green Office

Ever wondered what makes a sustainably designed office a great place to work? Today we can work from anywhere – from your kitchen table to the coffee shop around the corner or your car. So, what makes an office space so critical to our productivity, and even to our well-being? There’s a lot to love about working in a green office. Here are 10 things to consider:

  1. Your commute. A green office is built with intention. It’s close to public transit, biking, and walking trails. It’s accessible, easy to get to each morning, making your commute simpler – maybe even enjoyable.
  2. Versatile parking, bike storage. Ample parking for both gas and electric vehicles, with charging stations. Bike storage makes it easy to commute anyway you want.
  3. Collaborative, open space. The lobby and common areas encourage interaction and conversation. Today, we want to work anywhere – not just at our desk.
  4. Natural light. Better quality windows mean employees work in natural light. Better light enhances our mood, brain function, and productivity.
  5. Nearby amenities. A well-roasted coffee, versatile lunch options, or a spot to grab a drink or meal after work are all nearby.
  6. Fresh air. With highly efficient air systems and green plants inside the building, air quality in a green office is better. So, breathe deep and enjoy.
  7. Less noise distraction. Better acoustics equal less noise distraction and interruptions from the task at hand, helping you be more productive.
  8. Comfortable climate. A climate controlled, comfortable space to work. Forget multiple layers while the air conditioning blasts down on you.
  9. Inspiring views. What you see out the window matters. Thoughtful aesthetics offer a creative, inspiring environment.
  10. Engaged employees. When you love where you work it shows, changing the way you work and enhancing employee engagement.

The world of work is changing, and the office is changing with it. A green office offers an environment that makes work better for everyone. Our portfolio features Class A office space, sustainably developed and built. There’s a lot to love about working in a green office. Let us know how we can help you work somewhere you love.